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Commercial Insurance Coverages

Commercial Insurance

Owning a business in Minnesota requires the investment of time and capital for it to be successful. The least you can do to ensure your investments are safe is protecting them with a commercial insurance policy. Commercial insurance should be a top priority as you plan your operations. It helps to keep both your assets and workers safe.

There are various forms of commercial insurance designed to cater for different needs. Before selecting the best policy for your business, you need to put some factors into consideration like the nature of the business to help you make a sound decision. Pierce Insurance. is here to help you understand everything you need to know before purchasing a policy. We can guide you through this journey so that you can get the coverage that is ideal for your specific needs.

Some of the commercial policies you may need in Minnesota include;

Property insurance

This coverage protects your business property, which includes business inventories and buildings.

Commercial Auto insurance

This policy is essential if you own business vehicles. Lack of this policy can halt your operations if any of the cars are involved in a crash.

Liability insurance

Bad things happen from time to time regardless of how cautious you are. You are held liable for any individual or visitor who comes in your business premises. You will need liability insurance to protect you if something terrible like an injury happens to the visitor. It will help you pay for medical expenses, wage loss, or legal fees if the injured decides to sue you.

Umbrella Insurance

An Umbrella policy may be needed to provide additional coverage when the standard liability amount is not enough to protect the company you have worked so hard to grow. The larger the company, the higher the risk of being sued for more.

Workers Compensation

If a worker is injured while on the job for you, the policy will pay the medical expenses and wages lost.

Pierce Insurance provides you with commercial insurance coverage to ensure that you have the peace of mind required to run your business smoothly. Contact us and get a quote in Minnesota today. Our agents are ready to work with you and answer your questions.

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